Current Children's Programs

, 2007

Gingerbread House offers customized programs designed to help prepare your children for success. Classes teaching etiquette, abstinence, image, presentation and life skills can be packaged to prepare your children for their next level of life. Any of the following classes can be modified in an age appropriate inter-active format to enhance the learning experience.

Life Skills:


• Why Manners Matter – The Power of Words
• Meeting, Greeting and Saying Goodbye
• Telephone Etiquette
• Table Manners
• Common Courtesies for Public Places
• Giving, Receiving, Sharing

Presentation Skills

• Voice and Diction
• Personal Grooming
• Make up and Skin Care
• Wardrobe for Success

The Next Level

• Open a bank account
• Job Seekers Protocol
• Find an Apartment

Personal Growth:

What Do You Say?

Successful adults provide positive role models and facilitate group discussions for pre- teens and teenagers about youth concerns


Abstinence Education is more than learning to say no
Better Choice promotes sexual abstinence by developing self-esteem.

Self Expression

• Literature
• Music
• Theatre
• Visual Arts
• Dance