Testimonials from Reference Letters

, 2007

"The Gingerbread House is a non-profit organization that took time to teach the children etiquette skills.  They taught the children manners, telephone skills and how to handle themselves during the Manners Matter course.  The children loved Ms. Roxanne and the Gingerbread House so much that they would come early for the class.

The Gingerbread House is one of the best organizations we have ever had because they really make a difference.  To this day the children still use the skills that the Gingerbread House taught them.  Please take the time to really look into working with their program because it changes lives. "

R. Robinson
Star of Hope Transitional Living Center

"Thank you for exposing our children to your knowledge concerning proper behavior when in public situations.
The children enjoyed the class and discussed how to stay calm when confronted with situations that might anger them. They were surprised that they had fun in the process. The youngest is using more of her “kind” words. "

R. T.
Parent – private class

"Since Ms. Forrester has been with our facility, she was a wonderful asset that brings a wealth of information and support to our children and their mothers of our program.  She assisted our children in developing their etiquette and building their self-esteem through her 5 weeks course. 

For example, a mother shared that her daughter comes home and practices the techniques that have been demonstrated to her while participating in class.  Her mother stated that she sees a difference in her daughter and her self-esteem.  Ms. Forrester does wonderful work and genuinely cares about the families but never loses her sense of professionalism and is a positive role model for the families.

I enjoyed her being with our facility and she has made a tremendous change in a little time with the children and mothers that she has been working with.  I highly recommend her for any services that she may have to offer."

K Joyner-Kimberly
Bonita House of Hope

"I would sincerely like to thank you for all the lessons you have taught me, with all my heart.  Today I see a much more powerful, creative and feminine woman than I ever had before.  I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything because I now have confidence beyond words and feel like I know how to adequately present myself to anyone I see.  I will never take what you’ve taught me for granted."

Private Student – age 16

“It was truly an honor to have Ms. Forrester of the Gingerbread House present their program to our residents. The center serves children from the age of 5 to 12 and most of them had not been exposed to the teaching of etiquette nor do they know or understand the concept of life-skills and self-esteem.  The Gingerbread House presented this information in a fun and rewarding way that was enjoyable to the children.  They would look forward to the return of the Gingerbread House (each week) with excitement.”

E. Armstrong
DePelchin Children’s Center - Richmond Resident Treatment

"Thank you for helping my daughter become a better person.  You are in my heart."

Parent – private class